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All India Management Association (AIMA) – the apex body for management profession in the country and Global Risk Management Institute (GRMI) - a knowledge hub for creating Risk Intelligent Professionals, has launched the 'Masterclass Series', a set of e-training programmes with an aim to equip senior executives, managers, and professionals from across the industry with the necessary tools, techniques, and strategies to take up the challenges of the emerging business scenario in the post-Covid phase.

Series One

De-risking strategy to deal with the post-Covid ‘new normal’

In the current environment, there is a significantly enhanced appreciation of the need for risk management across industry segments and across levels of leadership/ management teams. It is a period that lends itself to the vagaries of the Fraud Triangle – Opportunity, Rationalisation & Pressure. Corporations are likely to get hit by frauds cutting across accounting frauds as well as bribery, with targets being difficult to achieve for almost one and all. It is a period when supplier risk management is bothering more business leaders than ever before. It is no longer only about cybercrime being the only thing Boards talk about when it comes to risk. Managing risk is an inherent part of delivering organizational success today.

This Masterclass covers the fundamentals of enterprise risk management in a dynamic and interactive learning environment. The course uses the theory and practice of risk management in line with international standards and industry best practices. The Masterclass highlights the key legal and commercial risks for global businesses to consider, together with the practical steps they should be taking to mitigate the impact of the virus on their business, staff, and supply chains

What does the curriculum include?

EP 1: Fraud Trends and Risk Management

By Mr. Amit Rahane

EP 2: Managing Supply Chain Disruption Risks

By Mr. Ashok Kumar

EP 3: Dealing with people risks: Finance and Risk Leadership Challenges

By Ms. Ritu Chawla Kochhar

EP 4: De-risking strategy to deal with the post Covid 'New Normal'


By Mr. Richard Evans


Mr. Ashok Kumar

Leading Supply Chain ( Planning & Logistics ) for a CPG Major and Market leader in the Food Industry | Britannia Industries Limited

Mr. Amit Rahane

Partner, Forensic & Integrity Services, Ernst & Young LLP

Ms. Ritu Chawla Kochhar

Spencer Stuart's Financial Services and Private Equity India Practice Leader

Mr. Richard Evans

CRO, Citibank

Series Two

Driving Digital Transformation- A winning strategy

Digital Transformation is thought to be the next big business evolution. The advent of Industry 4.0 has brought a greater emphasis on the need for digital transformation by Indian enterprises for survival in a highly competitive global market. The world is changing very fast and businesses are getting disrupted faster than ever before. Under the circumstances, digital transformation no longer an ‘option’ now and any enterprise that is not in tune with their digital transformation strategy, or global digital trends is at a huge risk of becoming less relevant or even irrelevant.

This masterclass showcases the impact of digital transformation on organizations, provide insights on aligning digital transformation strategy to organizational culture, processes and maturity curve; develop strategies for leveraging digital transformation to create competitive advantage and bolster compliance and also provides management insights for managing practical challenges to navigate change.

What does the curriculum include?

EP 1: Driving Digital Transformation- A winning strategy

By Mr. Subhahis Nath

EP 2: Impact of Digital Transformation, Examples of how competitive landscapes have got disrupted

By Mr. Afzal Modak

EP 3: Gauging the digital transformation appetite and readiness of the organizations.

By Mr. Shantanu Ghosh


Mr. Subhashis Nath

Senior Vice President and the Service Line Leader for Enterprise Risk & Compliance at Genpact | Mentor - Global Risk Management Institute

Mr. Afzal Modak

Former Global Transition, Leader for GE Global Operations

Mr. Shantanu Ghosh

Former Global Business Leader, Enterprise Solutions, Genpact


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